Sunday, January 18, 2009

Carl the Squirrel visits Team Morchat

Thank you Mike, Lisa, Lenny, Rosemary, and Jack Buck for the friend feeder!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Honeymoon in Thailand

Merry Christmas and greetings from Thailand!

We have been spending a lot of time on the beach, resting, absorbing sun, reading, and talking.

I knew before leaving the states that this time would be one of rest. Which is funny because whenever Danny and I travel we are normally not the ones to sit back and relax.We both tend to take the adventure, see the land and know the people.

This trip has been filled with adventure but mainly rest.

Lots of rest.

And it is so good.

This land is beautiful. Everywhere we look we see God's creative side.

So far this is a preview of our trip...

Explored the Andaman....

Drank thousands of coconuts!...

Stopped to smell the flowers...

Met with beauty....

Relaxed by the ocean....

drank yummy, sweet, good drinks...

Stood on hill tops....

Forgot to remove plastic from sausage before cooking... :(

Found underwear...

Walked on water ....

Climbed big tree....

Made friends with the locals...

and baby....

Sat in green chairs...

We miss you all and will see you in 2009!


the morchats

Thursday, December 11, 2008

While you were sleeping

Okay so Ive been known to do some crazy things in my sleep. You know the typical walking, talking, wrapping myself completely in covers and leaving nothing for the cold individual to my side.

Lately its been a little out of control. This past week there have been more than a few dead legs to danny, poor guy. The occasional mumble. And well, last night I woke up around 4 to find that I had switched places with Danny. You would think I would remember switching spots but I don't. You would think Danny, who wakes up on a drop of a dime, would have remembered swapping sides. But Nope...
At 4am Danny woke up to pee and he hit his head on the wall closest to my side... because he was on my side! WTF )#*%& . With nothing said He went back to bed until 6am when I woke him up because I realized my left nostril was stopped up and there was a dresser next to me... not my normal lamp stand?.... At this moment in our marriage I made a choice... not to yell and get upset, but to laugh and tell Danny that he stole my side from me and I wanted it back... now!!!!
Danny said no words, but quietly slid over my legs and on to his side and went back to bed for 20 min. or until our alarm went off.

I can't explain it but it was a little fun to laugh at. All I can hope for is that the good Lord will continue to protect us while we sleep...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

As of Late...

This is what we do!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


We have been married for a little less than 2months and we are loving living and learning.... danny has been such a sweet homemaker. he sewed our curtains.

Okay so I got a little carried away with the pictures but he is just so talented. I just had to give you a show... :)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chicken Fried Steak, Hot Coffee, and Pie

This past week Texas Monthly focused on "The 40 Best Small Town Cafes"

Our goal for driving home was to stop at one or more of these cafes... we did (only one) and had a blast. We decided to stop at Jake and Dorothy’s in Stephenville, Tx (the cowboy capital of the world). When we walked up to the door a paper sign read, "No cards, no credit... just cash and check." Then, as we opened the door the waitress (63-68 yrs old) asked if we wanted smoking or non-smoking ...which there was no difference... and then said we could sit anywhere we wanted. We picked the booth right behind the cover shot (picture at top). I had hot coffee (it was 5pm) and Jordan and Carson had water. Jordan and I ordered chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy and Carson had chicken strips. It was amazing!!! No lie the "CFS" as we will now refer, melted in my mouth. The gravy was great (maybe that is where they coined the phrase) and the coffee was kept hot! By the register was a tall, thin glass case with five levels of good ole' Texas pie. Jordan had a slice of Cherry Pie w/ ice cream and I had some Pumpkin Pie. Again, the food was amazing... If you haven't had pie with hot coffee and the smell of cigarettes in the air then I would suggest making that happen! When we left I paid in cash and the waitress was pleased to take our picture. We will be back and there are 39 more cafes to try!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

thank you from mr. and mrs. morchat

-Jordan turned 24 on November 23, 2008
-Meet the Morchat's Party
-San Jose Hotel
-Olympic Lifting with friends
-We bought an old polaroid camera

More pictures to come with more info.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!!!!